Turkish exam YÖS program

Ethica Language School has qualified instructors aiming to teach informative language courses under the umbrella of various fields of studies, as well as pure language courses, as follows:


  • Turkish exam YÖS and Sat programs
  • Turkish lessons for pre-school kids
  • English language courses for adults, teen and kids
  • Arabic courses  as a second language  for adults, teen and kids
  • Mathematics courses. Note that mathematic teachers can converse in English.
  • Russian language courses for adults and kids


Those who are really interested in attending ,kindly invited to pay a visit to our school. We will be so delighted to host you and answer your questions as regards our school and our curriculum.

With our best regards

Address: Mithatpaşa street № 27/6 Kızılay Ankara

Tel.: 0 312 432 15 14—0 312 433 82 00

Coordinators: Bodee Bablli-İbrahim Aksakal



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