Where can I take a TOEFL test?

ücretsiz ingilizce kursuThere are many tests throughout the year across the world which you could possibly take. There are 4,500 TOEFL test centres in 165 countries, meaning there’s going to be a centre which is easily accessible to you. You can find your nearest test centre on the official TOEFL website, which contains the locations of test centres and which format they conduct the test in.

It is important to check the admission requirements for your chosen university or institution to see if TOEFL results are required for entry prior to applying. If so then the next step is ensuring that you find a test centre to carry out your test at. Once you have your TOEFL results, remember that a record of them only lasts for 2 years, so make the most of the hard work and money you put into it and improve your future prospects.

Accelerated English Courses

Some people have a desire to learn English. If your desire come to reality, you can take accelerated English course

With taking English course, people have a chance to improve English speaking proficiency. Accelerated courses are mainly based on intensive teaching methods. With that way people who does not have any leisure time, can handle problem that speaking English properly.

That accelerated English course are given in a short time. After courses you can have basic or further skills to speaking or writing and reading in English. For getting further information you can contact over our internet site.

Accelerated English Course Duration

Recently, people are curious about accelerated English course. In a very short time people can be qualified with taking accelerated English course. In course time, you will be contact with teaching center.

A consultant teacher always cares about you and answer your question related with English class. You can choose your schedule according to your leisure time. With that way, you have a chance to regulate your lesson times. Accelerated English course will be good for you.

The course will last according to level of English proficiency and your demand.

English Course Features

After deciding English course, your class will be choosing according to both English level and demand.

  • Business Class and economy class can be choose by students. Accelerated English course will last according to student level of English.
  • Business Class lasts for 60 months, the other one lasts for 96 months,
  • Accelerated English course will be create according to students will and aim.
  • Expert teacher and sufficient facilities will be compensate for all requests,
  • All time contact over social media, internet and other facilities,
  • Sharing questions about English exams and answers that are given by teachers,
  • Given a call by teachers in a week to students at least one time in a week.





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